IP Summit 2014

YJ Trivedi Academy for IPR

The Y.J. Trivedi Academy of Intellectual Property Rights is a joint initiative of Y.J. Trivedi & Co. and The Ahmedabad Management Association. Formed in 2008, the IP Academy constitutes of a platform for various IP Summits and learning forum in Gujarat, India focusing on the creation of awareness of IPR on a massive scale. The IP Academy forum consists of a select group of people – lawyers, chartered accountants, experts, academics, company secretaries, and tech-transfer managers all of whom make informative IP Summits happen on behalf of the Y.J. Trivedi Academy of Intellectual Property Rights. The academy is driven by the energy of professionalism and specialisation.

A key objective of the academy is to help reduce knowledge gaps and to increase participants' understanding of the concepts of IP environments and of the policy making of IPRs. Such knowledge gaps are both vertical – in the sense of insufficient knowledge and horizontal – in the sense that while participants may be familiar with one aspect of IP and/or lack sufficient knowledge of other aspects in this field. The academy seeks to reduce these knowledge gaps by acting as a platform for knowledge and data (in the first instance by bringing internationally acclaimed experts who present different IP issues). In the summit, participants are exposed to different aspects of IPRs.

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