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About IP summit 2017

Dear Sir / Madam, with immense pleasure we inform you that Y.J. Trivedi Academy for Intellectual Property Rights, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India organizes the International Intellectual Property Summit 2017. The seminar will be spread over several sessions including inaugural and conclusive sessions. We cordially invite you to participate in the IP Summit. We also request you to recommend the name of interested scholars whom we shall contact for their participation and presentation.


India, especially Gujarat is a knowledge-based economy. Its scientific and research capabilities, technological infrastructure, and biomedical potential are recognised and acknowledged globally. In the pharmaceutical and biomedical fields, Indian hospitals, universities and research centers are highly advanced and they engage in vigorous R&D activities, to which there is also a considerable commercial potential. At the same time Indian IP environment is very complex and challenging, due to numerous factors. Today, to a large extent, India is a microcosm of many of the discussions on IP policymaking currently taking place around the world.

Intellectual Property is becoming one of the most influential and controversial issues in today's knowledge-based society. This IP SUMMIT will discuss a wide range of issues, such as international trade policy (multilateral, regional and bilateral agreements), the legal manifestation of ownership of breakthrough technologies, foreign direct investment, innovation climates, competition rules, monopolistic behaviour and public health, IP in contemporary business models, the evaluation of intangible assets, the protection and management of knowledge assets, IP in business strategies of knowledge-based industries and companies.

The excellences that are qualified to speak at the IP SUMMIT 2017 may fall within the criteria described below :

"Copyright, Patent, Design And Trademark Specialists, As Well As Those Dealing With The Legal, Economic, Business, Academic And Political Aspects Of IPRS."

The excellences in IPR shall speak within the frame of their indigenous knowledge. The diversity of IPR across the globe shall be enjoyed by the talks of the excellences from various parts of the globe. Not surprisingly, we conduct IP SUMMITS that create a difference and mark the ignition of new minds in the IPR. Undoubtedly, the trajectory of development has been significant, which is quite evident from the immense success of our previous IP SUMMITS.

With this backdrop a two day IP SUMMIT is proposed to address IPR issues across the countries in the globe, with a view to understand the operational dynamics and development perspectives both in principle and practice, in Intellectual Property.

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